90 Critical Essay Topics For Perfect Critical Essay Writing

Critical essay topic list

Writing about a critical essay might be daunting at first. This comes from the fact that even at first, looking at good critical essay topics are very difficult to achieve. Thus, in order to help you with gaining the momentum for writing your own one, here are some critical essay topics and ideas that would definitely help you in fueling your own creativity.

critical essay topics

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Critical essay topics about literature

  1. How was Irony used in your favorite classical book
  2. Effectiveness of moral lessons found on story books to the children of today
  3. Feminist ideologies in a piece of literature
  4. The context when the author wrote a piece of literature
  5. Background of the author
  6. Allegorical use of words in your favorite Shakespearean sonnet
  7. Describe the secondary characters in your favorite book
  8. The similes, metaphors, and other figures of speech used in a poem
  9. Describe the use of different point of views (POVs – first, second, or third person) in a single piece of work
  10. Describe and look at the effectiveness of the use of imagery in a poem
  11. Discuss the recurring theme/mood in a book
  12. How was allegory used in the literature?
  13. Look at one story in The Canterbury tales and perform a critical analysis on it
  14. Describe the build-up of the story and how it transitioned to the climax
  15. Describe the recurrent genre of literature in a particular era

Critical essay topics about movies and tv

  1. Pick one novel that you have read, and perform a comparative analysis on its movie adaptation
  2. Look at how popular media shows feminism in its works
  3. Describe the recurring themes in movies and TV shows today
  4. Examine a movie by looking at the takeaway points that it’s trying to describe
  5. What is the general “humor” portrayed or used in mass media today?
  6. Pick a cooking show
  7. Look at a remake of a classic movie
  8. What makes a good and captivating drama series?
  9. Pick an ‘all-time’ best movie and examine how it portrays popular culture today
  10. Watch a romantic comedy
  11. Look at a high-school movie and examine what makes it interesting
  12. Examine the persona of a comic book character based on its movie adaptation
  13. Choose a movie/series that recently won a best picture award
  14. Choose your favorite reality TV series and examine it
  15. Discuss about a popular game show and what makes it very interesting

Critical essay topics on social issues

  1. The effectiveness of the law system of US in its war against drugs
  2. The efficiency of media in curing/resolving resilient issues such as poverty and illiteracy in Africa
  3. Pick one social issue that is taking forever to resolve. Discuss what makes it so, and provide your own ideas on how to resolve it.
  4. Discuss about the war in the Middle East
  5. The US budget on Military Spending
  6. Racism in police enforcement
  7. Discuss the long-lasting effects of colonialism that persisted even today
  8. Provide one alternative to anti-poverty programs today and discuss
  9. Describe why some of the policies imposed in your state is not effective
  10. Do you think rallies are still effective? Why or why not?
  11. Discuss why obesity is still a problem for today’s generation
  12. What are the problems of eating healthy? Discuss
  13. Pick one “gender-biased’ issue that you can observe and expound on it
  14. Discuss about the legalization of Marijuana in some states in the US
  15. Describe what you think is the biggest social problem that is persistent in your hometown

Critical essay topics about economics

  1. The efficiency of the American economic system
  2. Discuss about the Stock market and how it affects your daily life
  3. What are the benefits of new online currencies these days?
  4. Discuss minimalism and its real time applicability today
  5. Critique the type of economic exchange in your locality and how effective it is
  6. Discuss ways to efficiently budget
  7. Discuss how to economically spend your money as a student
  8. Pick one economic issue that you usually hear from the social media and provide ways to solve it
  9. What are the economic benefits of recycling? Discuss what makes it effective on your context
  10. Pick one economic activity from history (e.g. barter) and discuss its applicability to today
  11. Describe ways to reduce your spending while also reducing your own carbon footprint
  12. Discuss how social media discuss disseminates useful information about economics in today’s world
  13. Describe how the international relationship of countries are affected by economic relationships
  14. Critique any discriminatory policies (on economic policies)
  15. Describe one economic disaster in the past and discuss what made that happen

Critical essay topics on history

  1. The Thirteenth amendment
  2. Discuss about the history of the US using a realist perspective
  3. Pick one of your favorite ‘historical landmarks’ and discuss what makes it your favorite one
  4. Pick out one of the greatest wars that ever happened in history and discuss what makes you think so?
  5. Choose a country which history interests you the most and discuss what makes it so?
  6. Pick out a movie that re-enacts a historical landmark and discuss any flaws or parallelism that you find with its real life representation
  7. Discuss how historical figures is portrayed in movies
  8. What are the ideologies that you can see in a historical movie?
  9. Pick out a movie that narrates the history of your hometown. How close is it to reality?
  10. How do historical movies help in shaping the way people think today?
  11. Describe a historical documentary that you have watched
  12. Pick out one of the best historical series (e.g. History TV) and discus what makes it so
  13. Discuss about the popularity of the Gettysburg address even until today’s pop culture
  14. What are the recurring themes in how popular personalities (e.g. Abraham Lincoln) are portrayed in historical films today?
  15. Choose one of your most favorite historical book and perform a critical analysis on it


Critical essay topics about environment

  1. The effectiveness of current clean and green campaigns in your own city in combatting Global Warming
  2. Pick out an environmental TV show and look at how effective it is
  3. Discus Al Gore’s speech on Global warming
  4. Describe one routine you do every day that you think contributes to the lessening of your carbon footprint
  5. Discuss how social media today helps in disseminating “clean and green ideologies”
  6. Pick one innovation today that helps in the reduction of pollution
  7. Discuss the dominant pollution in your city
  8. Critique one environmental policy that you think is “not effective”
  9. Point out alternatives to the use of the pesticides
  10. Discuss why GMOs are beneficial
  11. Historical innovations that could help in today’s problem on Global Warming
  12. How effective are the use of celebrities in disseminating pro-environment ideologies
  13. Discuss if capitalism and environmentalism are compatible with each other
  14. Describe on issue with GMOs that you’ve experienced
  15. Pick out one routine of mostly everybody that seemed little, but could impact the environment in a much more adverse way

These are just some of the critical essay topics and ideas that would surely help you in your next paper. Good luck and Enjoy.

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